Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative

In WALC, students explore different aspects of the environment—both in the classroom and outside during many field studies—and then demonstrate what they learn through art projects. This semester, we will be examining the ways people all over the world—including us—struggle to protect and improve their environments.


As you study redwood forests, native ecosystems, and urban environmental issues, you will also learn drawing and graphic art skills that will enable you to address your environmental concerns. You will be creating children’s books that persuade young people to take action in order to care for the world around us. We will be buddying with elementary school children who will give you feedback as you write your book, as well be part of the audience at our final exhibition.


WALC with us! Learn outdoors as well as inside, examining how science, literature, social studies, and math can help us understand environmental issues. Express your learning and experiences through art and writing, and become part of a team that explores, hikes, camps, and works together.


Rachelle Urzua  Room 2



Catherine Salvin

Room 3