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Room 102

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Michael Gomez  Room 104

Student Participatory Action Research (SPAR) allows students to become researchers to create solutions to the problems they see around them.  This semester we will be looking at gentrification, which signifies the arrival of wealthier and richer people in an existing community where often poor, working class, and people of color reside. Whether it be the Mission District or Brooklyn, communities, organizations, and people are fighting back to keep their homes as more and more people have returned to live in once neglected and abandoned urban cities.

We will be reading Chango’s Fire, by Ernesto Quiñonez, a novel set in a rapidly changing neighborhood in Spanish Harlem. Be prepared to participate in debate once a week and to develop your creativity as we make art with Francisco. You will be recording your voices to create podcasts throughout the semester, which will be put up on our website. You will also be interviewing others to educate the public about gentrification issues. We will be emphasizing how working as a community can improve your math learning. In science we will be examining how the concepts of motion can be used to understand the forces that change our communities. Welcome to SPAR!